Create Rich
Interactive Web Apps - without Coding!

With Intuiface, teams of any skill set can create uniquely engaging web applications that
exceed the capabilities of traditional website software
. Grid-free drag & drop layouts, powerful trigger & action syntax,
true multi-touch, instant binding to any third-party API — all without writing a line of code.

Introducing Intuiface:
-The Audience Engagement Platform -

Intuiface is the industry's most comprehensive and complete no-code platform for composing, orchestration, connecting, deploying, and measuring deeply customized, fully interactive digital content for venues, websites, and mobiles of your customers, sales teams, visitors, or other audience members.

Build Fully Functional Applications

We’re talking media-rich applications that can be run both in-browser and as a Progressive Web App (PWA)*. Responsive to virtually any event, highly scalable, integrated with any cloud-hosted or back-office services, equipped to store collected data, and optimized for analytics — all without writing a line of code.
*A Progressive Web App (PWA) is a type of web application that uses modern web technologies to deliver an app-like experience to users. PWAs are designed to work across all devices - desktop, mobile, and tablet - and can be accessed via a web browser, without the need for users to download and install an app from an app store.

Sales Pitch

Make it personal, dynamic, and compelling. Stand out from the crowd!
  • Company overview
  • Consultative selling
  • Product/service catalog
  • Sales deck and pitches

Marketing Collateral

Take a cutting-edge approach to your communication and distribute it acrossmultiple channels.
  • Promotions and advertising
  • Company strategy
  • Customer education
  • Mobile-ready datasheets
  • Surveys and forms

Online Exhibits

Free your exhibits from the venue.Encourage visits and continue educationafter visitors leave.
  • Deep dive explorations
  • Quizzes and image maps
  • Exhibits promotion
  • Trade Show companion apps

Consultative Workflows

Lead clients using media rich representations of  service templates and processes to create lively discussion and ideas.
  • Strategy development
  • Product management
  • Marketing design and execution
And more...
Intuiface does not require the use of pre-built templates.
Create anything you can imagine and deploy it to the web!

Embed Interactive
Web Widgets

Create compelling interactive content that complements your traditional website material. It’s deep audience engagement that formerly required coding skills.


Ask multiple choice questions, track answers, and (optionally) display scores, with total control over layout and visuals.


Create forms for gathering information and feedback from audiences. Work with both multiple choice and free-from fields — or invent your own input methods.

Image Maps

Place interactive hot spots on images to enable self-exploration of models, maps, or whatever else makes sense for your business.

Multimedia Content

Create eye-catching content — everything from media rich galleries to mini-games — using features like animation, triggers and actions, binding, and video streaming,
And more...
Intuiface is like a box of Legos©. Build anything you want and embed it in your website.
The only limit is your creativity!

Try out these free web app examples!

My First Project

Think of this project as your starting point for learning how to build amazing interactive experiences with Intuiface.
Check it out ➡

Quiz Examples

This template provides two quiz options. The first is a 10-question quiz, while the second is an advanced version with features such as score tracking, randomized questions, and a leaderboard.
Check it out ➡

Guided Selling Questionnaire

An interactive questionnaire guiding participants to the coffee that best suits their taste.
Check it out ➡

Hotspot Examples

Multiple examples of hotspots in action: icons or labels that, when tapped, trigger the display of additional information about labeled items.
Check it out ➡

Intuiface: Trusted by hundreds of businesses

How does it work ?


With its intuitive drag-and-drop WYSIWYG authoring tool, Intuiface enables graphic designers, project managers, marketing professionals, consultants and anyone else with cool ideas to create stunning media-rich applications.

Unconstrained Layouts

Create eye-catching user interfaces without being confined to traditional grid layouts. And there is no template library forcing you into pre-built designs.
Media Rich Designs
Easily incorporate a variety of image, video, and document formats. Import your Photoshop PSD files, import PowerPoint, display 3D models, add raw web content PDFs. And everything is interactive!

Build for any screen

Intuiface can work with any aspect ratio and pixel density. This means you can target any screen size on any operating system, from personal mobile devices to PCs to large video walls.

Content change by your users

Adopt Intuiface’s own web-hosted content management system — Headless CMS — or incorporate your own in-house CMS. Either way, content managers can own the content without touching the overall application design.

Orchestrate & Connect

Identify the events that matter and the responses you want.
Then integrate your design with any cloud-hosted data source, business logic, or device — no coding required!

Powerful Trigger & Action Mechanism

Create incredibly powerful interactions thanks to 200+ out-of-the-box triggers and actions. When a 3D model is rotated, open a webpage. When a button is pressed, play a video. Plus animation, remote device communication, and much more!

Connect to any API

Automatically generate connections to any Web API using API Explorer, enabling the real-time binding of visual elements in your app to any data feed. That’s live connections for everything from weather and sports scores to your in-house back-office system.

Respond to Web Triggers

With web triggers — a powerful category of Intuiface triggers — third-party software and hardware can trigger actions within your app. For example, create apps for mobile devices that can remotely drive other Intuiface apps visible through a shop window.

Expand with Low-Code Framework

Create your own integrations for third-party data sources, business logic, and devices using a simplified "interface asset framework" using TypeScript, an approach supported in any web browser.


Easily distribute your interactive apps in multiple ways: as a webpage, in an iFrame, as a Progressive Web App,or as a deployable experience with the help of Intuiface Player.

Display as a webpage

Deploy your experience as a stand-alone webpage. Create any number of URLs for the same app. Under the covers, Amazon CloudFront ensures rapid download speeds.
Embed in any webpage
Embed your apps in an iFrame on any other webpage. Create a domain whitelist to prevent outside parties from displaying your content.

Run as a progressive web app

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are browser-hosted applications that can run independent of the browser, acting like separately installed apps. These apps can run offline and are simply licensed on a per-seat basis.

Deploy as a managed application

Use Intuiface Player, the stand-alone version of our runtime, enabling remote app deployment and device management. Expect maximum performance and advantages like video wall support.


Turn your Intuiface app into an essential KPI resource by defining, collecting, visualizing,
and sharing the data that drive design, operational, and business insights.

Log Everything

Capture virtually any event imaginable. Start with all interactive events— items selected, videos played, scenes visited. It's deeply rich context for every event.

Create Charts

Use our Chart Editor to compare performance, visualize trends, identify outliers, measure contribution, and more. Works with all collected data and offers a wide variety of chart creation and editing options.

Share Insight

Build dashboards, each comprised of a unique set of charts collected for a particular audience. Configure dashboards on the fly, controlling what is and is not visible, even creating multiple, independent shares for the same set of charts.

Feed Other Data Analytics Solutions

The data you collect with Intuiface can be exported to a variety of third-party solutions for analysis. This includes Excel, Segment, Mixpanel — and a REST Web Services query enabling data export to any tool of your choice.
flexible licensing

Flexible Licensing Options

Choose between views-based licensing for always-online use by an audience of unknown size, and a per-device license for optional offline use by a known audience of limited size. Select the most cost-effective approach for your business. In either case, cloud-hosted license management ensures you’re always in the know.

Be safe with Intuiface

We take security as seriously as we take creativity, and that extends to protecting the data of our customers — and their customers — to the highest security standards. We received ISO 27001 certification in 2020 and have successfully renewed it every year since. Your data is secure!

The Future of Web Interactivity is Here!